The 匹兹堡大学凤凰彩票平台APP下载分校 金融援助 Office staff is here to assist students and families with the process of applying for and receiving financial aid. Our experienced staff is available during office hours to respond to your financial aid questions and requests. 不需要预约. 学生和家庭在办公室得到协助, 周一至周五上午8:30至下午5:00. 凤凰彩票官网的电话号码是(814)827-4495.


请到 the 申请经济资助 section of this website and read about the financial aid application process, 你需要填写的表格, our priority deadlines and a description of the types of financial aid that are available for Pitt-凤凰彩票平台APP下载 students. If you have questions about or need help with the application process, please contact our office.

我父母不会支付我的大学费用. 我怎么支付大学学费?

助学金、奖学金、贷款和就业都是符合条件的申请人的选择. 独立学生的父母需要在这个过程中发挥作用. The basic premise of financial aid is that the primary responsibility for meeting the cost of attending a post-secondary institution rests with the family. The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide economic resources to students who have demonstrated financial need and who would otherwise be unable to pursue a post-secondary education. Having your family involved in your educational decisions will be necessary for you to apply for financial aid. Receiving sufficient financial aid without parents' financial information and participation is generally not possible for most dependent students.


入学要求因援助类型而异. Many financial aid programs require that you enroll as a full-time student in a degree seeking program. As an undergraduate, you must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits per term to be considered full-time. Some financial aid programs require that you be at least a half-time student to receive financial aid. 本科生的半学期为每学期6个学分.


如果你在优先截止日期前完成了经济援助申请流程, 你获得了每一种你符合条件的经济援助.

  • 受抚养学生的父母可以申请联邦直接父母PLUS贷款. 如果父节点被拒绝, 受抚养的学生可以获得额外的联邦直接无补贴斯塔福德贷款资金. We will send students such options via email once a denied application enters our system. 

  • 学生还可以考虑各种替代教育贷款. 虽然比联邦直接贷款贵, 这可能是帮助支付大学费用的有用资源. 

  • 学生 can also explore the possibility of scholarships awarded outside of Pitt-凤凰彩票平台APP下载. 现在有很多免费的搜索引擎. 这个选项, 虽然值得探索, may take more time and may not produce results quickly enough to pay a current term University bill.


You need to contact the financial aid office concerning financial aid that you have not received as expected. 因为有许多类型的援助,有各种各样的要求, 这个问题没有唯一的答案.


学生 are eligible to apply for and receive financial aid to cover the University's estimated Cost of Attendance (COA). COA包括学费, 费用, 食宿, 书, 供应, 交通费及其他教育相关费用. For some aid, the amount you can receive is limited to your demonstrated financial need. 使用联邦直接贷款和其他贷款项目, 你可以借到总COA.


财政援助资格每年进行审查. Changes that occur in your financial circumstances are considered and may result in a higher expected family contribution (EFC), 不同的奖励金额或没有资格获得某种类型的援助. 你的入学和住房计划的变化也会影响你的援助资格. 请凤凰彩票官网的办公室审核您的申请.

How do I apply for a Federal Direct Loan, alternative loan or Federal Direct PLUS loan?

请到 the Types of Aid and Student Loans sections of this website for complete information about the application process for each of these loans. If you need assistance in deciding which loan program is right for you, please contact our office.


点击这里 联系学生会计处或致函:
504 E. 主要街道
(814) 827-4424


你可以要求减少或取消你的联邦直接贷款, Federal Direct PLUS or alternative loan by completing a Loan Change Request Form and returning it to the Office of 金融援助.


这取决于你获得的经济援助的类型, 你掉落的点数以及掉落的时间, 你的经济援助可能会受到影响,也可能不会. 具体信息请凤凰彩票官网的办公室.


Entrance and Exit Counseling requirements can be completed online for Federal Direct Loans at the Department of 教育's website, click on Complete Counseling and then select Start for either the Entrance or Exit counseling.
申请联邦珀金贷款, click here to complete the Entrance or Entrance Interview and electronically sign a Master Promissory Note.


你的PHEAA补助金被取消可能有很多原因. 请凤凰彩票官网的办公室寻求帮助.


是的,每笔贷款都有单独的主本票(MPN)。. 如果您获得了联邦珀金斯贷款,并且您是第一次借款人, you must complete both an Entrance Interview and Master Promissory Note (MPN) before these funds will be available to you. 当您的MPN可用时,您将通过电子邮件收到通知. 这些要求可以在线完成. 一旦满足这些要求,资金将记入您的大学账单. These loans must be repaid after you graduate or otherwise terminate your enrollment at the University of Pittsburgh.
If you are a new student or have never borrowed through the Federal Direct Student Loan program, 你必须签署主本票(MPN). 您的MPN在您注册为学生期间将有效10年. You will not need to sign this form each year for up to 10 years as long as you remain continuously enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh system. Student loan funds cannot be disbursed to your student account until you have signed your MPN.


联邦工作奖学金是根据学生的经济需要颁发的. 如果你按时完成了经济援助申请流程, 你会被考虑参加联邦工作学习. If you are eligible for Federal Work Study, it will be included in your financial aid award letter.


由于法规的变化, the US Department of 教育 now requires copies of an official IRS Tax Return Transcript. 因此, 不管你是否有纸质的报税表, 你要么必须使用国税局数据检索工具. 这是FAFSA的一部分或联系国税局的成绩单.
Otherwise, a new tool exists to have a transcript from the IRS pulled up electronically. 请到 www.国税局.gov /个人/得到转录. You can also obtain a copy of your tax return by completing IRS Form 4506 and mailing this request to the Internal Revenue Service. Please note though that mailing in this request will take substantially longer to process and can delay the financial aid process.


如果你父母的联邦直接父母PLUS贷款被拒绝, 你可能有资格获得额外的无补贴联邦直接贷款基金(4美元),第1年及第2年为000元)